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Fruit Ninja is truly an addictive and entertaining game that can keep you hooked for hours. The slicing game is so interesting that it has more than 500 Million downloads on Android.

The app is free but has a lot of paid options that help you take your fruit-slicing game to a whole new level!

But if you want those features for free as well, then Fruit Ninja mod apk is the perfect solution. You will find the apk on this page along with its features, benefits, download process, and more, so keep reading!

Why Fruit Ninja Mod Apk?

If you’re a fan of the classic Fruit Ninja game, then you’ll love Fruit Ninja Mod Apk for sure. This is a modified version of the original game which offers a range of pro features, goodies, and customization options that normally you have to pay for.

Fruit Ninja game has a lot of features that you can get but only if you buy them. This is where the Fruit Ninja mod apk comes into play.

With Fruit Ninja Mod Apk, you can have access to unlimited game levels, items, blades, characters, power-ups, and customization options that will make you a true fruit ninja.

You are in the right place if you were looking for Fruit Ninja mod apk online because we will be sharing with you not only the apk, but also its features, benefits, screenshots, and download procedure step-by-step right here.

How To Download And Install Fruit Ninja Mod Apk?

Now that you know everything about Fruit Ninja Mod Apk, let’s see the full procedure of downloading and installing the apk on your mobile device here –

  • Step 1: Click on the “DOWNLOAD APK FILE” button visible on this page.
  • Step 2: The download will start, just wait for it to be completed. It can take up to 2 minutes depending on your wifi speed.
  • Step 3: Now, go to the settings of your device and enable “Unknown Sources” so that you can install the apk.
  • Step 4: Now go to your downloads section and click on the Fruit Ninja mod apk.
  • Step 5: Click on install. The apk will start installing on your device.

And that’s it! Wait for a few minutes until the apk gets installed fully on your device. Once it is installed, you will be able to play the game and take your fruit-slicing skills to a new level!


Here are the screenshots of the Fruit Ninja mod apk that you will get from here. You will be able to see the blades, fruits and power-ups that can change the way you play Fruit Ninja forever!

Pro Features & Benefits of Fruit Ninja Mod Apk Unlocked

With Fruit Ninja Mod Apk, there are several pro/premium features that you can get for free. These features can give your fruit-slicing game a whole new makeover!

Here are all the pro features that get unlocked with the apk:

Unlimited Levels

When you’re playing on the Fruit Ninja Mod apk, you don’t have to worry about the levels because you have unlimited levels to play. Keep on slicing and dicing the fruits because you’ll never run out of levels.

Ad-Free Gameplay

Ads are one of the most frustrating things about the game. But with the APK, you don’t have to worry about ads because you will never see them on the screen. Hence, if you want an ad-free gameplay of Fruit Ninja, get the APK right away.

Global Competition

Do you want to compete with players around the world? With the APK, you can access the Global leaderboard and Play Alongside the top players in the world.

Special Achievements & Rewards

Everyone loves rewards but they are locked in the original game. In the APK, you can unlock special achievements and rewards by simply doing regular tasks. With the help of these rewards, you can level up quickly and improve your skills as a fruit slicer.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the currency of Fruit Ninja. To earn gems, you have to complete certain tasks and win certain challenges. But with the apk, you get unlimited supply of gems to keep you going in the game for long!

Unlimited Power-Ups

Power-ups help you excel in the game and upgrade your slicing skills. Power-ups have upgrades that you normally have to buy in the original game. But with the APK, you not only get unlimited power-ups but also get the upgrades for free. 

Free Customization Options

In the original game of Fruit Ninja, you have to purchase the customization options for your assets like blades, backgrounds, characters, etc. However, in the APK you get all of them for free.

Unlock New Items

Items like blades, backgrounds, effects, and characters make your game more fun and engaging. You can unlock all of these items for free in the APK. In the original game, you have to buy them from the in-app store.

Download Fruit Ninja MOD APK Free

fruit ninja mod apk app logo

v3.31.0 || 155.0 MB

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Still have some doubts? Take a look at the following FAQs, we have answered a lot of questions people have regarding the Fruit Ninja mod apk:

What is Fruit Ninja Mod APK?

Fruit Ninja Mod APK is the modified version of the original Fruit Ninja. It Includes all the features of the original game plus some premium features like unlimited lives, gems, coins and levels, etc.

Is Fruit Ninja Mod APK safe to download and install?

If you are downloading the apk from our website, it is safe to  install. However, other platforms provide the APK too but the files may be corrupt and can damage your device.

Can I play Fruit Ninja Mod APK offline?

Yes, with fruit ninja Mod APK, you can play the game offline as well without any internet connection.

Can I update Fruit Ninja Mod APK?

No, you won’t be able to update Fruit Ninja Mod APK from the Play Store. You have to check back at this website to see if any update has been uploaded. 

Is Fruit Ninja Mod APK available for iOS devices?

No, the APK is not available for iOS devices because they do not allow the installation of such APKs. However, if you are an Android user, you can download this application without any issues.


It is no denying the fact that the Fruit Ninja mod apk offers you all the premium features of the original game in addition to extra perks. Prove to your friends and family that you are a true Fruit Ninja by slicing fruits and taking your gameplay skills to a whole new level.

The download link provided here is safe, reliable, and handy. You can use it to download the apk and start using it to become a pro player right this second.

If you have any issues, try contacting us on our Contact page, we’ll be happy to respond.

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