How To Play Fruit Ninja Like a Pro?

The world loves Fruit Ninja, don’t you agree? But sometimes, they require some knowledge about the things they love. If you haven’t played the game yet or if you are struggling to play it, then don’t worry, we will show you everything you need to know to play Fruit Ninja like a pro!

This blog right here is the key to your questions because here we lay down all the important facts you need to know about the game. Fruit Ninja is one of those “Easy to learn, difficult to master” type of game where it takes a lot of time to become a pro at it.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started with what brought you here!

What is Fruit Ninja Game?

Fruit Ninja is the original fruit slicing mobile gaming application that is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The game has more than 500 Million downloads on Android and is getting more and more popular with every passing day.

The game was developed by Halfbrick Studios and was launched in the year 2010 for users all around the world. There are 3 games in the Fruit Ninja series – Fruit Ninja, Fruit Ninja Classic and Fruit Ninja 2.

Who thought a game where all you have to do is just move you fingers on the screen all the time can become so popular? But the team of Halfbrick Studios has added a lot of fun elements to it making the game a hit among people of all ages.

How To Play Fruit Ninja?

Here comes the biggest question of the day – How to play Fruit Ninja?

Well, playing the game is easy – all you have to do is just hold your mobile sideways and slice the fruits that come flying on the screen. Use your fingers to swipe left and right and you’ll be able to slice all the fruits in one go.

Select the character, the blade and the mode (more on Modes later) and you are all set.

There is literally just that, nothing more! However, there are a few more things you have to note before getting too comfortable.

Always watch out for bombs as they can end your game in a second. Secondly, don’t miss 3 fruits as it is another way of getting disqualified. As you go on and earn more gems, you can upgrade your blades and score higher.

Fruit Ninja Game Modes

Here are all the game modes you can find in Fruit Ninja –

#1. Zen Mode

Everyone loves the Zen mode in Fruit Ninja. If you have played a game on this mode, you know why it is the absolute favorite of everyone’s. The zen mode in the game doesn’t have bombs, just fruits. Yes, you can relax without worrying about the bomb.

Just keep on slicing the fruits as long as you like because you won’t be meeting the party spoiler bombs anymore. You can test your ninja skills on this mode as to how fast your hands are.

#2. Classic Mode

Classic mode in Fruit Ninja is the default mode which everyone plays. it is challenging but exciting at the same time. You get both bombs and fruits in this mode. The catch is to slice as much fruits as you can without being disqualified.

There are 2 ways of being disqualified in the classic mode – either you hit a bomb or drop/miss 3 fruits without slicing them. So if you don’t meet either one of these conditions, you can go on playing the game for eternity.

#3. Arcade Mode

Arcade mode in Fruit Ninja has gained massive popularity in recent times because it gives you a 60-second window to score as much points as you can. You get power-ups and special bananas timely helping you score to the highest number possible.

However, you do get bombs so be careful of those or else you won’t be able to score big. But here’s a catch, bombs don’t end the game in Arcade mode, it takes away 10 points from your score.

#4. Watch Mode

The watch mode is not for those who intend to play this game. The watch mode offers you to watch all the episodes of the Fruit Ninja Origins series in the in-built game theatre.

You can watch all of those episodes and get to know about the game in a better way.

Fruit Ninja Game Components

So that was it for the modes of Fruit Ninja, now let’s shift our attention to another important part or parts of the game. Here, we show you all the components that you can find in the game, enjoy –

#1. Combos

Combos are a kind of bonus you receive when you slice 2 or more fruits in a single slice. Generally you get 1 point for slicing 1 fruit but if you slice 3 fruits in one go, you hit a combo. The number of fruits you slice gives you exact number of extra points along with the original points.

For example, if you slice 5 fruits in one go, you will earn 10 points in total – 5 for slicing 5 fruits and 5 as bonus. Hitting combos is the perfect way of scoring high.

#2. Gems

Gems are like the local currency of Fruit Ninja. You earn Gems via a variety of ways and then use those gems to buy blades, power-ups and other important assets to level up the game and help you score higher.

#3. Blades

To slice fruits in the game, you need Blades or dojos. As you keep on getting better and better blades, your slicing game goes on improving and improving.

You can easily choose blades from the home page options and upgrade them or buy new ones using Gems.

#4. Power-Ups

learn to play fruit ninja

Power-ups are those temporary performance boosters and modes that give you an advantage in the game. However, power-ups are available only for original game modes. You can earn or buy power-ups using gems. Here are some popular power-ups of the game –

  • Bomb Deflect – This power-up saves you from hitting upto 3 bombs while playing.
  • Berry Blast – This power-up makes all the strawberries explode for 5 points each.
  • Peachy Time – It slows down time and gives you an extra 2 seconds to slice the fruits.

#5. Critical Hits

Critical hits are random hits that you can’t plan for beforehand. You’ll know when you hit one right out of nowhere. Critical hits give you an extra 10 points as a reward per hit.

#6. Bananas (Only in Arcade Mode)

Bananas are another type of power-up or reward that you can earn. But these are only available in the Arcade mode of Fruit Ninja. Here are the type of bananas you can get –

  • Red Stripes – It is a popular type of banana which makes a lot of fruits pop-up on the screen at the same time, so you can slice a whole bunch of them together and earn extra points.
  • Blue Stripes – This is score booster banana which doubles your score for a short period of time. So, for one fruit you slice, you make 2 points instead of one.
  • Frozen – This banana freezes the time and gives you extra seconds to slice the fruits on the screen.

#7. Bombs

If you want to play Fruit Ninja, then know that bombs are party-spoilers. If you accidentally hit a bomb, your game is over! So be careful of them and try to avoid these nasty fellows at all cost.

#8. Sound Cues

Sound cues give you a heads-up when a bomb is coming. So if you hear a ticking sound, make your swings lower as a bomb can pop-up anytime.

#9. Blitzes

Blitzes are activated when you consistently hit combos in Arcade mode. Blitzes give you extra points in addition to the combo points for all the slicing you do. If you go too long without hitting a combo, the Blitzes meter goes to zero.

Here are the top Blitzes you get in Arcade mode when you play Fruit Ninja –

  • Combo blitz – Activated when you hit 3 combos in a row.
  • Great blitz – Activated when you hit 6 combos in a row.
  • Awesome blitz – Activated when you hit 9 combos in a row.
  • Super blitz – Activated when you hit 12 combos in a row.
  • Hyper blitz – Activated when you hit 15 combos in a row.
  • Unbelievable blitz – Activated when you hit 18 combos in a row.

#10. High Scores

High scores are simply the highest number of points you have earned while playing one game before you were eliminated or time ran out. You can check your high score for each mode on the homescreen itself.

#11. Fruits

We’re listing this at the last but Fruits are the most important part of the game. When you play Fruit Ninja, your only goal is to slice as many fruits as possible to make more and more points.

Playing With Friends

You can play Fruit Ninja as a single player and also together with your friends. You can use the Multiplayer mode to access this feature. You and your friend can play on one screen and determine who is the better fruit ninja among you two!

You can find 2 modes under the Multiplayer option – Classic mode and Zen Duel.

FAQs About Fruit Ninja

Here are some top FAQs people are asking all over the internet. Find the answers right here –

How do you start a game on Fruit Ninja?

When you open the game, you’ll see the game modes on the screen. Just tap on the fruit visible on the mode you want to play. Just as soon as you do that, the game begins!

How do you blitz in Fruit Ninja?

To activate blitz in Fruit Ninja, you need to hit combos consistently. If you get 3 combos in a row, you activate Classic blitz where you earn 5 points in addition to all the combo points. Similarly, here are other blitz you can achieve by consistently hitting 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 combos respectively – Great, Awesome, Super, Hyper and Unbelievable.

Can 2 people play Fruit Ninja Together?

Yes, 2 people can play Fruit Ninja together. They have to enter the multiplayer mode and choose one of the two mode – Classic mode or Zen Duel. Once done, they’ll be able to play the game on one screen.

What is the rarest Fruit in Fruit Ninja?

While playing the Multiplayer mode in Fruit Ninja, White fruit is the rarest fruit you can get. The person who slices it first wins 3 points.

What is the best combo in Fruit Ninja?

All combos are great because they give you extra points along with the original ones. The higher number of fruits you slice in one go, the higher bonus points you get, so there is no specific combos which can be termed as best. For example, if you hit 5 fruits in one slice, you earn 5 extra points in addition to 5 normal points.


So this is how you play Fruit Ninja like a pro! Hope you got all that and now you know everything about the game there is to know. The game is super engaging and entertaining. If you play it once, you’ll become addicted.

If you liked the blog, don’t forget to share it with your friends and those who love this game. If you have any suggestion or feedback, use the comment section below!

Until next time, keep playing Fruit Ninja!

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