Here’s How You Can Get a Critical In Fruit Ninja

Hello Fruit Ninja fans! I know why you are here. You want to know how to get a critical in Fruit Ninja in the easiest way possible. Well don’t worry, we’ve got your back and we’ll show you the exact method.

Fruit Ninja game offers you one point for slicing one fruit but you get multiple points for multiple slicing. A critical is one such phenomena when you get multiple points for fruit slicing. It is available in all modes except the Zen mode.

Pro players of the game usually hit such type of slices and earn extra points. Do you wanna do the same like them?

So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get to business and understand how you can get a critical in Fruit Ninja. But first, let’s see why critical is that important after-all?

What is a Critical in Fruit Ninja?

Fruit Ninja is all about being the best at slicing. The more slicing you do, the more points you make and hence your score increases. You normally get one point for one fruit slice.

But what if you slice more than 1 fruit in one go? There comes the combo factor into play. So if you slice multiple fruits in one slice, you get extra points. For example, slicing 3 fruits in one go gets you 6 points – 3 regular points + 3 bonus.

A critical is one such slice where you get extra points for slicing the fruit when it is perfectly ripe. A critical is worth 10 points generally and is very rare to score one. So if you do, consider yourself among the top 0.1%.

When you hit a critical in the game, you will see a long blue slice on the fruit so keep your eyes open as this blue slice goes off pretty quickly. You will also see the number of points you have earned above the slice.

Types of Criticals in Fruit Ninja

Generally thereƟ are 3 types of Criticals you can score in Fruit Ninja –

#1. Critical Standard

This is the standard Critical you can score. Generally, the standard Critical gives you 10 points in the game.

#2. Critical +25

These criticals don’t appear that easily. To score them, you need to use the Shiny Red Blade only. And guess how many points you score when you hit a Critical +25? Well, its obvious – 25 points over and above the standard 10 points.

Yes, when you hit a Critical +25, you will see a text appear on “+10” stating “+25” in red. So you get 35 points for scoring the Critical +25.

#3. Laser Critical

This one is the toughest to score because there are a lot of conditions to satisfy here. First, you must be in the Cherry Bomb Mini game.

Second, you should be using the Laser Blade. Third, you should time your slice perfectly. When the fruit is near the bomb, it will generate an shrouding electric arc on the outside. This is the time to slice the fruit. Remember not to hit the bomb while doing so.

How to Get a Criticial in Fruit Ninja?

How to get a critical in Fruit ninja

And now comes the most important part of the game – how to get a critical in Fruit Ninja?

Well, there is no specific method or strategy to get a critical hit, but there are two ways of hitting a critical in Fruit Ninja –

  1. If you hit two fruits that are overlapping each other and are the same fruits, then you hit a critical.
  2. If you slice a fruit which is really close to the bomb, without touching the bomb then you hit a critical.

Although criticals are not common in the game and can be a rare phenomena if you get one. The following tips will help you out!

Tips To Get Your First Critical Hit in Fruit Ninja

Here are the important tips that increase your chances of getting a critical in Fruit Ninja –

  1. Timing is Everything – Always make sure to watch the fruit closely and time your slice. Try to keep the fruit closer to the blade because the more close the blade is to the fruit, the more are your chances to get a critical hit.
  2. Focus at the Centre – For a critical hit, you should always aim at the centre of the fruit because that one is the sweetest spot.
  3. Using Power-ups – Power-ups help a lot! If you are using the right power up, then your chances of getting a critical hit increase massively. For example, “Peachy Time” slows down time giving you a window to aim the slice precisely and get a critical.
  4. Practice – The more you practice, the better your chances of getting a critical become. Practice for aim, timing and spot and try not to miss and you’ll soon be getting your first Critical!


Catch some major FAQs people are asking about Criticals online. If you had similar questions, you can find their answers here –

Do I need to slice every fruit to get a critical?

This is not necessary to slice every fruit. If you are aiming for a critical, then you don’t have to slice every fruit but yes, slicing more and more fruits increases your chances to get a critical for sure.

Can power-ups help me get criticals in Fruit Ninja?

Definitely, power-ups help you get a critical in Fruit Ninja. Using power-ups will greatly help you in getting a critical while playing Fruit Ninja. For example, the power-up that slows down time will help you plan and execute your slice precisely to get a critical.

Are criticals necessary to score high in Fruit Ninja?

In one way, yes. Think about it, if you just slice one fruit at a time, you’ll get 1 point for it. But if you slice multiple ones, you score more points for less fruits. And when you hit a critical, you get 10 points which significantly increases your score.

Can I get criticals in Fruit Ninja’s multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can get criticals in Fruit Ninja multiplayer mode. The rules are the same as they are for the single player mode.


So Fruit Ninjas, do you understand fully now how to get a critical in Fruit Ninja? Well, we definitely hope the answer is yes after the long explanation you have seen above. Criticals help your score in a great way and are rare, so if you score one, consider yourself lucky or extremely skilful!

If you still have any questions, drop them in the comments below and we will get back to you. Don’t forget to share the blog with your friends who need to see this.

Until then, keep slicing!

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